3D print

3D printing is a process done on a 3D printer which creates actual 3D objects from a suitable material
Several steps need to be taken before 3D printing. The first step is the creation of 3D model in CAD software or by using 3D scanner or you may even use regular digital camera and process the photo in photogrammetric software
When the 3D object is completed and converted into the required digital format it is necessary to create instructions for 3D printer (drive movements, nozzle control, the so-called G-Code), and then you may begin with the printing process
Used software: Magics, Object Studio


3D scanner is a special device which allows you to transfer a real object into digital form
The output is a mash of points (scan) which is then processed in CAD software. 3D scanner may also be used for precise object measuring
We use Leica Tracker

Functional prototype

Through the use of alternative technologies we develop and build functional samples while taking into account the given parameters and functionality of models


Serious amount of manual touch up work is applied to finalize the prototype into its final presentation shape
Our strengths include sanding, sealing, polishing and surface finishing. Finished parts are positioned and placed precisely into the existing construction assemblies in order to evaluate their functionality and final appearance/design